Oscar Litorell

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Coding projects

Here you can find some of the things I have coded.

Complex graphing calculator

3D graph

This is a 3D graphing calculator that can handle complex numbers. The repository is available on GitHub. The calculator is available at https://oscarlitorell.github.io/complex-graphing/. A manual can be found here.

Password Hasher

This is a program that simplifies the creation of secure passwords. Instead of having to remember several different passwords for different websites, you can generate your password on the fly with the help of one master password. In other words, no password is stored. Instructions on how to add it to your browser can be found on the GitHub page.

Unity Island Generator

Procedurally generated island

This is a program written in C# with Unity that procedurally generates islands.

Writing numbers using words

This program can take in any number up to 103003 and write it out correctly using words. Did you know that the number 300,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 is pronounced "three hundred decillion"?

You can try it out here.