Oscar Litorell

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Maker projects

Here you can find some of the things I have made.

Throttle lever

Throttle in blender

This is a throttle lever specifically designed for Elite Dangerous, but can be used in other flight simulators as well. It is modeled in blender around the Leo Bodnar BU0836A board, and features one major thrust axis, 8 pushbuttons, one small thumbstick with a built-in pushbutton, and 2 rotary encoders. It is 3D-printed in PETG (polyethylene).

Front view of finished throttle
Back view of finished throttle
Inside view of throttle

Mini submarine

submarine parts

This is a project that I have started working on. My goal is to build a working submarine, where the pitch is controlled by shifting weights inside the sub. You can see ethe pipe pieces that I am going use to build it, along with the laser-cut piece of acrylic glass that will be used for the window. The plan is that it's going to be controlled with a tether (an ethernet cable), which hopefully means that it will be possible to transmit video as well.

submarine electronics schematics

The electronics used in the project. The Raspberry Pi B+ is going to be the main controller. Made in Fritzing.